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Volunteer Spotlight: KaRon Brooks – Morgan Park


KaRon Brooks learned about Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago from a coworker who recommended BGCC for her daughter and jumped at the opportunity to get involved with the organization. "I’m an involved parent, so when I first came to the Club I asked the staff ‘what do you need, how can I help?’ I quickly got involved as a volunteer and started to run my own leather craft program."

Ms. Brooks provides all of the materials for the leather craft program out of her own pocket and facilitates a workshop at the Club on a weekly basis. She teaches the members about the importance of safety when using tools and guides them step-by-step through the process of creating their finished leather products.

Morgan Park Club Director Robert Barnes raved about how Ms. Brooks has grown into a leader at the Club. "She is very dedicated to making sure the kids are active in program areas. Ms. Brooks made her presence felt the very first moment she stepped foot in the Club as a volunteer."


"Our youth are looking for positive role models. They are looking for somebody to look up to but are always hearing about negative things taking place in their communities, most of which they don’t understand," Ms. Brooks said. "The Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago helps fill this void and gives our youth the guidance and tools they need to become successful. I tell the club members all the time, ‘I want you to be a better me, when you become better than me you can teach someone else to become better than you."

It is because of dedicated volunteers like Ms. Brooks that Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago is able to accomplish our mission. We sincerely thank Ms. Brooks and the hundreds of other volunteers across the organization that serve in a variety of capacities for their service and commitment.