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A trying time for our youth and our communities


Dear Friends,

The recent events in Minnesota, Baton Rouge and Dallas have had a real and lasting ripple effect on residents throughout Chicago. There have been hotly-contested debates, demonstrations, marches, rallies and protests. People across the city, on all sides of the issue, are making their voices heard, and we should expect nothing less in a free and Democratic society. However, it is of critical importance that we ensure that one group does not get overlooked during all of this - our youth. 

As an adult, I cannot even begin to fathom how truly terrifying these events must be to the youth of Chicago. I can only imagine the uncertainty, the distrust, and the fear they must be feeling. That is why we at Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago will be stepping up our efforts so that any child in this city with a sense of despair about the future, or with questions and no answers, or with a feeling of fear for their own safety has an opportunity to receive support and guidance.

In addition to being a safe haven for our youth, we have always considered ourselves a bridge for the communities we serve. We encourage our Club staff to foster positive relationships between our members and local law enforcement. We look to partner with other community organizations to find answers to all of our members' questions regarding crime, safety and violence prevention. We teach our members to find positive and productive ways to have their voices heard in political, social and community settings.

They say that from every crisis comes an opportunity. And so we are committed to using the tragic events of these past weeks as an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the goal of keeping all young people in Chicago safe, informed and engaged. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.



Mimi LeClair

President and CEO

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago