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Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

Club Support Center
550 W. Van Buren Street
Suite 350
Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (312) 235-8000
Fax: (312) 427-4110

Woman’s Board


Since the close of the Second World War, the Woman’s Board of Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago has proven to be a powerful force in Chicago’s philanthropic community. The members of the Woman’s Board are strongly committed to the mission of BGCC, funding programs across all 18 Chicago area Clubs.

They also embrace a hands-on approach, volunteering their time at the Clubs and offering unique opportunities for Club members to enjoy the best of Chicago’s arts and culture through the Share Chicago program.


Mrs. Richard H. Lenny 

1st Vice President: Mrs. Caroline Gantz Burns
2nd Vice President :

Mrs. Ellen Saslow

Treasurer : Mrs. Kevin Connelly
Assistant Treasurer :

Mrs. John W. Higgins*

Recording Secretary :

Mrs. Jeffrey S. Aronin

Corresponding Secretary :

Mrs. Michael W. Ferro, Jr.*

Scholarship Chairs:

Mrs. Douglas H. Cameron

Mrs. Beth White*

Ann Milligan Gray Scholarship Chair:

Mrs. Karen Z. Gray*

2015 Summer Ball Chairs:

Mrs. Aimee Gray
Mrs. Mark Tebbe

Membership Chair:

Mrs. Norman R. Bobins*

Share Chicago Chair:

Mrs. Richard H. Lenny
Mrs. Miles D. White

Mrs. William Adams IV
Ms. Diana Barr
Mrs. Carol Lavin Bernick
Mrs. Norman R. Bobins*
Mrs. Betsy Huizenga Bradley
Mrs. Robert N. Burt
Mrs. Douglas H. Cameron
Mrs. Cynthia Chereskin
Mrs. Lester Crown
Mrs. Robert J. Darnall
Mrs. W. James Farrell
Mrs. Wilbur H. Gantz*
Mrs. Karen Z. Gray-Krehbiel*
Mrs. Jack M. Greenberg
Mrs. Gary E. Holdren
Mrs. John Knox
Mrs. Alan J. Lacy
Mrs. Judy Lavin
Mrs. John Livingston
Mrs. Ward McNally
Mrs. Lisa Micou Meers
Mrs. Charles Mills
Mrs. Robert S. Murley
Mrs. James J. O’Connor*
Mrs. Charlene Huang Olson
Mrs. William A. Osborn
Mrs. Homi B. Patel*
Mrs. Jerry K. Pearlman*
Mrs. J. Christopher Reyes
Mrs. Larry D. Richman
Mrs. Phillip B. Rooney
Mrs. Trish Rooney
Mrs. E. Scott Santi
Mrs. Colette Cachey Smithburg
Mrs. William D. Smithburg
Mrs. Barbara Speer
Mrs. Neele E. Stearns, Jr.*
Ms. Lisbeth C. Stiffel
Mrs. Margie Block Stineman
Mrs. James E. Stoller
Mrs. John R. Walter*
Mrs. Beth White*
Mrs. Miles D. White
Honorary Members 
Mrs. Beaumont Atwater
Mrs. K. Dane Brooksher*
Mrs. J. Ira Harris
Mrs. Harold D. Jensen
Mrs. Donald G. Kempf, Jr.*
Mrs. Homer J. Livingston, Jr.
Mrs. Dale R. Machalleck*
Mrs. James F. Magin*
Mrs. Vernon Pellouchoud
Mrs. Harold Reskin
Mrs. Bernard Rinella
Mrs. W. Jay Sennott*
Mrs. Clayton E. Whiting, Jr.*
Mrs. Jane Ylvisaker
Mrs. Edward R. Weed
* Past Presidents

Mrs. Richard H. Lenny 

Mrs. Richard H. Lenny