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Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

Club Support Center
550 W. Van Buren Street
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Chicago, IL 60607

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Cultivating Self-Expression and Creativity
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Exploring Multicultural Art Forms


Digital Arts -- Introducing young people to art of the new century that combines creativity and technology. By using digital courseware and participating in instructor-led group activities, members create original Web site designs, graphic design projects, digital photography, electronic music and digital movies. Club members are invited to submit their artwork for an annual national Digital Arts Festival sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Microsoft.

Visual Arts -- Engaging kids in traditional visual art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles collage and other mixed media. Kids also have the opportunity to display their artwork before submitting them to national Boys & Girls Clubs of America competitions.

Performing Arts -- Club members step to their own beat by participating in a variety of dance programs such as jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, step dance and Mexican heritage dances. Clubs also host choirs, drum circles, talent shows, plays and musical performances that give young people a spotlight to shine.

  • Digital Arts Festivals