Fighting Obesity

Youth of Year photo
"Sports at the Club have kept me in great shape with rigorous but enjoyable activities, such as track, basketball and flag football.  Sports also helped me develop great sportsmanship, a hard work ethic and a sense of belonging."

-- Jamal, James R. Jordan Club and Family Life Center


A recent study by Children’s Memorial Hospital found that Chicago Public School students are twice as likely to be obese than the national average.  In fact, low-income neighborhoods are more likely to be obese.  That’s why Boys & Girls Clubs has launched programs such as Healthy Habits that help young people embrace the importance of nutritious foods and a balanced diet.  Many of our Clubs have updated fitness centers and exercise classes to create a fun group atmosphere for getting in shape.
Make a Difference and help Chicago’s youth give obesity the 1-2 punch with information and opportunities to eat right and exercise.