Volunteer Spotlight - Krystal Vezzetti

KVAs a dedicated Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago volunteer and member of the National Guard, Krystal Vezzetti serves both her local community and country all while navigating her way through her sophomore year at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has been an active volunteer at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Club for over a year.
"I have a passion for youth especially in the city. Youth are in crisis and they need people who will be there, love them, give them consistency and show they are cared for. We don’t know what kind of home lives these youth have, I think all kids need love and attention but these youth who come to club every day after school need it just a little bit more."

When Krystal is volunteering at the club she supports the club members with their homework in the areas of math, reading, spelling, science and helping out in the computer lab.

"I think BGCC is a great way to get involved with something that is greater than yourself.  I am working directly with the youth, directly with the young people who are the future. They need someone to care about them and I feel like it is all part of our responsibility to do this. If you can love a kid for two hours, smile with them or help them with their homework then you are doing your part, you are showing them love, that’s all a kid wants. We need to start loving our youth, one kid at a time."

It is because of dedicated volunteers like Krystal that Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago is able to accomplish our mission. We sincerely thank Krystal and the hundreds of other volunteers across the organization that serve in a variety of capacities for their service and commitment.