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Volunteer Spotlight - Myron Laban

 Myron Laban is a student pharmacist, hip-hop dancer, practicing artist and has been a regular volunteer at the James R Jordan Boys & Girls Club for the past 10 months. Myron is a University of Illinois-Chicago student currently in his third year of Pharmacy school.

As a UIC student, he was introduced to the idea of becoming a BGCC volunteer when a UIC professor, Dr. Brian Murphy told him about BGCC. "I figured the best contribution that I could make in the community is investing time and effort in someone and show them support. Some of these kids may not live in the best environments so I feel like being here and serving as a positive role model is a way that I can contribute myself to a better cause."

"I just like the connections with the kids, they are all so happy, cool, and excited to see me and I just like hanging out with them and doing projects. Even the entire staff is a joy to work with and they approach their work with such a great attitude."

Recently Myron was assisting a club member on an art project and taught him one of the first things he learned to draw, a superhero. "He did not think he had the ability to draw a superhero until I started working with him breaking it down piece by piece, drawing a circle here, a line there, and diligently guiding him step-by step until he finished the project. He couldn’t believe by the time he finished the drawing that the picture of the super hero was made with his own hands. All of the other club members came over to see his drawing and each one of them wanted to take it home. This showed me that these kids can accomplish great things they did not know were possible. All they need is a little support and guidance along to way to make the big picture become a little clearer."

"Myron has been a great asset to the club, he is very patient and brings positive energy to the club," said the James R. Jordan Club Program Director, Wanda Noyes. "He instills in the youth and provides encouragement explaining to them that it does not matter if you have never tried something before, just give it your best shot."

Myron is eager to continue working with and building relationships with the Jordan club members this school year. The Jordan Club is also excited to have Myron return as they start the planning for their fall talent show, rumor is they need a volunteer to perform a dance in parachute pants.

It's dedicated volunteers like Myron who graciously share their time and talents that enable Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago to accomplish our mission. We sincerely thank Myron and the hundreds of other volunteers across the organization that serve in a variety of capacities for your service and commitment to enabling all young people, especially those who need us most to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.